• Nestled within over 1,000 acres and bounded by 5 kilometers of riverfront and primary rainforest
  •  All adventures are operated right from the property, eliminating transportation time between various tours
  • Unique features include the Superman, Central America’s longest double-Superman Line Canopy
    cabled line; the Spider, the area’s only guided free fall; and
    the area’s only fully-automatic ATV tour
  •  All ziplines and the Superman are double-cabled and fit the latest international safety standards for canopy tours
  • As Manuel Antonio’s only sustainably-certified theme park, we strive to maintain Costa Rica’s natural resources. Efforts in this field include the preservation and reforestation of native hardwoods and
  • habitats for native fauna species, education programs for local schools, and the support of nonprofits dedicated to the protection of native species



Our business is committed to providing adventure tourism of the highest quality, always striving to exceed the expectations of our clients. We seek to operate in a healthy environment and in harmony with nature and the community, respecting the integrity and leadership that characterizes us.



To be a leader in the business community, and to be proactive in the


completion of the highest standards for security, quality, and service.

We are committed to providing unique, adventurous experiences, while maintaining respect for our environment, culture, and community:


  • Consistently be compromised to elevating the quality of our tours through our standards of service, which remain completely transparent and always guaranteed
  • Providing our staff with the knowledge and confidence to be a leader in any and all situations, giving to our clients the safety and satisfaction necessary in any adventure tour
  • Embracing a policy of innovation to create completely unique experiences for our clients, while still adhering to a strict policy of safety and client comfort
  • Creating an open environment in which the comments of our clients and staff serve as a primary driver of change