What we’re doing to help


While we’re all about adventure, we’re also committed to providing tours in a sustainable way. This process involves making commitments from the ground up, from the products we use, to continuing staff education, to participating in various clean-up and community development projects. We are also partnering with local organizations, such as Titi Conservation Alliance, to expand our efforts beyond just the MidWorld property, and give back to the Manuel Antonio/Quepos area, as well as the country of Costa Rica.

As a major biological corridor that often serves as a species bridge between the Northern and Southern Pacific coasts, we sometimes see wildlife that Manuel Antonio does not. Since day 1, this is a role we have taken very seriously, and reforestation projects, as well as developing our tours in harmony with the natural environment, have been a company priority. We are also lucky to be a part of the local community of Cerros, and are working closely with the town on projects to benefit the schools and various community outreach programs.


Being the only theme park in the Manuel Antonio/ Quepos area to have received the Costa Rican Tourism Board’s Certification of Sustainable Tourism, we vow to continue keeping Costa Rica a priority, and thank all of our visitors for their preference in tour outfitters, as it is through them that we can continue to give back.

If you would like to give back beyond the tour, we are happy to provide information or help to organize volunteering opportunities.

Company Sustainability and Ethics Policies



Sustainability Policy:

Midworld Costa Rica is a business committed to the satisfaction and excellence of service and security, with the mentality of innovation and leadership.


We will always participate in the promotion of conservation, overseeing the protection of our natural resources, cultures, and people.


Objectives of Sustainability Policy

To be constant in the quality of service with respect to our environment.

To provide our staff with the right tools in order to confidently use their knowledge during any situation, assuring that our clients can count on having optimal security without altered enjoyment of activity.

To ensure that our staff acquires a consciousness for sustainable use through education and constant practice of the themes of sustainable tourism.

To adopt a policy of innovation so as to create completely unique and different experiences, respecting the equality of opportunity both to our clients and collaborators.

The creation of an open environment, in which the feedback of our customers and staff serve as the main driving force for positive change.

Thanks to the creation of our program “MidWorld Green Proposal” we will amplify our vision in the area of environmental education, as well as in participative action together with the communities affected by our operation.

Compromised to elevating the quality of our activities, in order to stimulate economic growth and generate opportunities for growth in our area and country, through the commitment and protection of our natural resources, peoples, and culture.

Perseverance in the design of operating policies that take into account the rational and sustainable use of natural and socio-cultural resources that are available to us to carry out our operation.


Specific Sustainability Policies:

We declare our commitment to avoiding any type of extraction or commercialization of any products of flora and fauna that are prohibited by law.

All employees will be trained and evaluated on the company’s policies of sustainability. New and old workers within the company will also be given training in the themes of operation and the administration of their own job position, which guarantee their good performance.

The company will design an annual training plan for its employees, emphasizing the themes of customer service, legislation applicable to our tours, updated themes from visited tourist circuits, attention to clients with disabilities, respect to visiting cultures, notable information about our clients’ countries of origin, and anything else that results in our good performance and satisfaction of our clients, within the frame of environmental education and the protection of the socio-cultural manifestations of the visited populations.

We will defend, protect, and oversee that our children and youth are shielded from sexual exploitation and prostitution. We will denounce any illegal activity that comes to our attention, and we will educate our workers, providers, and clients on this theme.

We will create a healthy environment free of illegal drugs. Our activities are geared toward familial enjoyment; as such, we will denounce the consumption or commercialization of any type of known substance by our workers, providers, or clients.

As a theme park focused on adventure, we promise that our property fulfills the proper conditions for sustainability. We will promote the conservation of the zone and surrounding area’s living cultures, the protection of species of flora and fauna, and offer to visitors a completely unique and Costa Rican experience.

Our guides will be certified according to existing laws, and we will keep current on the themes of the technical use of equipment, maneuvers in case of emergency, natural and cultural attractions of the region that are visited by our clients, legal themes, and anything else that is relevent to the business in order to continue operating with a focus on innovation and sustainability.

Our theme park will offer promotional prices to national visitors, with the objective of giving them preference in the enjoyment and participation of the conservation of our areas of operation.

Preference will be given to local providers, ISO-certified providers, to biodegradable, reusable, and organic products, that do not contain contaminants or ingredients that are damaging to human health or the environment.

We will have an operating manual that, more than elaborating on technical aspects, will indicate the quantity of clients/tourists that each guides will be in charge of attending, as well as if it will be necessary to have assistants or any other type of help. In all cases we will run small groups that will minimize the environmental effect in the visited areas.

All of our vehicles and equipment that is necessary to conduct tours with will have an individual log that will contain a detailed registry of their maintenance and revision, assuring compliance with all laws, and, above all, that our clients will be protected through their appropriate use.

That all general equipment used for each activity will have a technical file that indicates basic safety conditions, in order to assure the protection of the user, according to its design.

Reject, reutilize, and recycle: In the office, we will reuse paper so as to avoid an unnecessary expense, providing that it is non-official information used for financial-accounting purposes; when possible, we will take advantage of computer resources for the sending and archiving of internal information. We will separate the different wastes: We will count on separate receptacles for paper, plastic, and organic waste in the business’ different installations. With regard to waste generated on the trails or hills: they will be transported in the appropriate manner by our work team in order to not contaminate visited tourism areas, and within the installations of the business, specifically the rancho, they will proceed to separate them into indicated receptacles. We will favor ASOPROQUEPOS as our provider for recycling, as they are an organized group that receives separated wastes and ensures that they are appropriately recycled.

We will support conservation initiatives: with our affiliation with TITI CONSERVATION ALLIANCE, we will support activities related to the protection of the Titi monkey, which is the emblematic animal of the zone, and needs our efforts in order to conserve its natural reproduction zones and habitats.

We will NOT feed animals artificially. Furthermore, we will encourage our clients to not do so, explaining the reason for which it is counterproductive to feed them.

We are in favor of archaeological and cultural preservation. For these reasons, we will avoid and denounce any known activity involving the the extraction or commercialization of archaeological and cultural pieces.

We will comply with current legislation, especially with law 7600, about the equality of opportunity for disabled persons. As a result, we will not discriminate in the hiring of personnel, treating all offerers with equality of conditions. We will hire the best candidate in order to complete the functions that the job position specifically requires, and when their disability does not represent a health or security risk to the employee or our clients.

As a socially responsible business, we will try to provide access to all of our workers and clients, according to law 7600. With this resolution, we will work to offer ease of transit in our installations and offered activities, with the end of making them accessible to all interested persons.


Core Values:


1. Professionalism: As the face of the company, our staff will always treat visitors in a polite, enthusiastic manner that reflects our desire to provide a quality experience for all.

2. Safety: We will continue to keep safety as our number one priority through a strict adherence to ongoing training, continuous maintenance and policy revision, and innovation.

3. Flexibility: We will always keep in mind the specific needs of each client, and work to give them the best tour imaginable.

4. Organization: Our coordination as a team will allow for a seamless, hassle-free experience for all visitors.

5. Openness: We will view our business as constantly growing and evolving, and will be open to new suggestions and ways to improve.

6. Quality: We will always hold quality within the highest regard, and will be diligent in always achieving nothing short of excellence.


Code of Ethics:


1-Protection of the Environment: Our activities are dependent upon the environment.

Therefore, it is the responsibility of MidWorld employees to stand up for and act in favor of the environment.

This does not simply imply avoiding contamination and feeding of wildlife, but also to earn the collaboration of our clients through educative talks and awareness that our business promotes through our general personnel, with the end of completing all sustainability requirements.

2-Advisory of Irregular Situations: All employees have the obligation to immediately give notice of any irregular, abnormal, and/or counterproductive fact or situation of which they have knowledge, and be able to take the necessary actions and corrective measures.

3-Health and Safety: All employees will comply with the safety and health norms and procedures that the business, authorities, and regulating or governing entities establish. .

4-Respect for the culture and idiosyncrasies of the towns that we visit. All employees will comply with the safety and health norms and procedures that the business, authorities, and regulating or governing entities establish. .

5-Courtesy and Fraternization with the Clients: Courtesy, good treatment, and respect are indispensable requirements in order to properly do our job. However, these should not exceed the trust of the clients. With this in mind, the relation with the client should remain exclusive and strictly of a professional character.

6-Punctuality and Compliance: Daily punctuality is indispensable in order for the operations of MidWorld to run effectively and efficiently.

Every employee should present themselves punctually at the designated spot.

If, for any reason, the employee must arrive late, it is their responsibility to notify in advance with their reason.

Unjustified or excessive tardiness will not be tolerated.

7-Abandonment of Position: No employee should abandon his/her position before his/her indicated end of day without previous authorization.

Actions otherwise will result in disciplinary punishment that could include termination of employment

8- Commitment to Discipline and Excellence: The business expects and demands that each employee conduct their assigned jobs with excellence and discipline.

9-Risky Situations and Accidents: Safety and attention are of vital importance as much for our employees as for our clients.

If anyone is made aware of a situation that could affect the safety of the clients or their fellow employees, he/she should remediate it or report it immediately to administration.

In case of a workplace accident, the employee should immediately inform the administration, in order for the business to be able to provide the necessary help and to process the required documentation for the National Insurance Institute.

10-Code of Conduct and Workplace Ethic: Inappropriate, vulgar, or disrespectful conduct by our employees towards our clients or among each other is strictly prohibited.

Not heeding the standard will result in corrective measures being taken against the involved parties.

11-Utilization of Property: It is strictly prohibited to personally use, borrow, assign or dispose of any machine, equipment, materials, tools, or any other property of the business, including the office, kitchen, or repair shop facilities, without previous authorization from the administration.

12-Improper/Unlawful Use of Property: Anyone involved with dishonesty, falsification, or improper appropriation of someone else’s property, whether it is the business’, another employee or provider’s, or a client’s will not be tolerated. In case of this violation, the proper disciplinary methods will be applied according to the gravity of the situation.

13-Vocabulary and Service: The use of vulgar, offensive, or strong language in the presence of clients, other employees, providers, or any other person is prohibited. This kind of behavior will be penalized.

14-Reprimands or Threats: Reprimands, intimidation, jokes, or threats among employees, providers or clients are strictly prohibited.

Aggression or physical acts against another person, including their initiation, hand games or disorderly conduct are strictly prohibited and carry disciplinary actions that could include termination of employment.

15-Carrying of Arms within and outside of the business: It is prohibited to carry all types of arms within the areas of the business and zones of touristic visitation, unless it is a requirement of the position or has been authorized in writing by the business, independently of whether or not the person has the legal right to carry, as approved by a competent court.

16-Use of Drugs and Alcohol: The possession, distribution, illegal trafficking, use and consumption of illicit substances within or outside of the business is prohibited.

It is prohibited to ingest, possess, or to be found under the effects of whatever kind of drug or alcohol while in the dependency of the business or in the tour, during or outside of working hours. The violation of this rule will be punished according to our current laws.

17-Personal Presentation, Cleanliness, and Decency: It is indispensable that, during work hours, all employees appear clean, shaved, and well presented, and with their respective uniform.

As a general rule, beards and long hair are not permitted on male employees.

Extreme hair coloration is also not permitted in general. Please remember that the clients expect to receive good treatment, kindness, courtesy, attention, and, of course, a good personal appearance from all our employees.

18- Telephone Calls: Company phones should not be used to make or receive personal calls outside of emergencies, in which case authorization should be obtained to make/receive them.

19- Sexual Harassment: By law, sexual harassment is prohibited in our country. It is required that our employees educate themselves and participate in workshops that provide information and denounce these cases.

20- Prostitution and Child Exploitation: According to the current legislation of our country, sexual exploitation and childhood prostitution are criminal offenses, punishable by jail time for the offender.

It is our obligation to denounce any act of childhood exploitation or prostitution.

The discovery of any MidWorld employee participating in these types of illegal activities will be cause for immediate termination without employer responsibility, because it is a serious offence, and the possibility of taking additional measures in the relevant courts.

21- Illegal Extraction of Flora and Fauna: According to the current legislation of our country, the illegal extraction of flora and fauna are criminal offenses, punishable by jail time for the offender.

It is our responsibility to denounce any act of illegal extraction of flora and fauna.

The discovery of any MidWorld employee participating in these types of illegal activities will be cause for immediate termination without employer responsibility, because it is a serious offence, and the possibility of taking additional measures in the relevant courts.

22-Contamination of the Environment: According to the current legislation of our country, the contamination of our environment and its participation are criminal offenses, punishable by jail time for the offender.

It is our responsibility to denounce any activity that contaminates the environment.

The discovery of any MidWorld employee participating in these types of illegal activities will be cause for immediate termination without employer responsibility, because it is a serious offence, and the possibility of taking additional measures in the relevant courts.

23-Enforcement and Completion of Regulations: All employees will be governed by the procedures of the job, operation, and written or verbal instructions, using them on behalf of the benefit of all.