While providing high quality adventure tours has always been what we’re about, the safety of our clients and employees forever remains our highest priority.

In the wake of hurricane Nate last year, the access to our property was left compromised, and the bridge to the park destroyed. While we are working diligently to get this access repaired, forces beyond our control have slowed this process. With the weather now transitioning into the rainy season, we believe that alternative methods of entering the property are no longer feasible, and could present an unnecessary risk. It is for this reason that, effective immediately, we will be closing the park until such time as we can fully repair access into the property.

We thank you for choosing to share a part of your Costa Rican vacation with us, and look forward to the day when we will be able to do so again. While we cannot always control every situation that comes our way, we can promise that we will always remain true to our commitment to safety.






Closure Announcement